Urban Towing – Plano's Accident Removal Specialists

Plano, Texas is the ninth most populous US city. That means there are a lot more cars on the roads and more chances of facing hazardous situations. What if you are going to spend a beautiful May afternoon in Granite Park with your family. You’re leisurely riding along route 75 when all of the sudden the car in the left lane swerves and sideswipes you. You’ve lost control of your car and you cannot drive it from the shoulder and continue driving on the road. Your car goes over the shoulder and lands in a trench on the edge of the roadside. It’s terrifying experience for you and your family. It seems like an impossible situation.

Situations like these are common for Urban Towing. Call Urban Towing Plano’s professionals  and we will rescue you most of the time within a 30 minute time frame. We can pull you out of your precarious situation with the greatest of ease. Urban Towing can provide accident removal for all types of vehicles. Urban Towing will use our modern winch apparatus to haul your car out of that ditch.

Why Use Urban Towing?

Urban Towing always provides you with the following customer care…

  • Our company conducts business 24/7 to handle all of your roadside assistance needs. We operate many tow trucks in the Plano area.
  • We give you quality service with care. You can always rely on our experienced towing technicians.
  • We are happy to provide a 30 minute arrival time. We guarantee that your roadside difficulty will be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Our pricing is the fairest in the industry. You will always feel confident that you are paying a fair price for our services.
  • Urban Towing is proud of its service to the Plano community for a multitude of years.

Urban Towing’s Roadside Assistance Services in Plano

Urban Towing is happy to provide you with the following roadside assistance services…

  • Vehicle Towing Emergencies
  • Flatbed Towing Solutions
  • Car Lockout Solutions
  • Local Towing as well as Long Distance Towing
  • Jumpstarting Batteries
  • Towing Motorcycles
  • Gas Refilling
  • Flat Tire Fixes
  • All types of Emergency Roadside Assistance