Quick Broken Ignition Key Removal

As a small, thin piece of metal, a car key is not invincible. It can be bent, cracked, smashed, dented, or otherwise rendered useless. A surprisingly common place that car keys can become broken is in the ignition. If a car key is jammed in and forcibly turned, its risk of being broken can increase, especially if the key was already weak to begin with. If your car key ever breaks off inside the ignition, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Instead, call Urban Towing for Plano broken ignition key removal. Our professional company is here for any towing, roadside assistance, or auto locksmith needs you may have here in the Plano area. We love serving the community of Plano and do our best to provide the best in customer service with our business policies of honest pricing, 24/7 service and 30 minute ETA. When the company you’re calling is always open and is locally based, you’ll never have to wait long for service.

Calling the Professionals

There are several very clear reasons why you should only call professionals for broken ignition key removal. These reasons are safety, efficiency, quality, and key replacement.
SAFETY – The ignition is connected to your car’s electrical system. If you try to remove a broken ignition key on your own, you could risk your own safety due to the electrical connection you’re tampering with. You could also risk the safety of your vehicle and compromise the ignition itself.
EFFICIENCY – Broken ignition key removal is a difficult task. Your key could be broken into only a few pieces or many, but without knowing what you’re doing, the task will be arduous and slow. By calling Urban Towing, our technician can extract the broken key pieces quickly and efficiently so that you can get on your way faster.
QUALITY – Quality services are done by a trained hand. With an Urban Towing technician doing the job, the broken ignition key removal will go smoothly, and you won’t be risking the ignition itself.
KEY REPLACEMENT – Even if you successfully and safely removed the broken ignition key on your own, what would you start the car with? An Urban Towing Technician can remove the broken key and then cut you a new key on the spot so you’re not wasting any time getting back on the road.

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