Recovering your Vehicle with a Winch is a Cinch for Urban Towing

You’re heading to one of Plano’s premiere cultural events – the annual Balloon Festival. You are excited and you can’t wait to get there. Unfortunately the other drivers on the road are equally as anxious to get somewhere. You’re driving along the highway and the vehicle in the lane next to you starts moving too close. You swerve off to the side of the road to avoid a catastrophe, however it’s too late. You avoided getting hit by the other car, but you ended up in ditch. This sounds like a job for Plano’s Urban Towing!
For you this is daunting, but do not despair. Urban Towing which is  located in Plano, can come to your assistance within 30 minutes and extricate you from this discouraging situation. This is a routine situation for Urban Towing and we can rescue your vehicle with our state-of-the-art winch system. A chain or rope is attached to your car and the winch winds the chain or rope up until the car is pulled out of the ditch. Vehicle recovery is a cinch for Urban Towing.


Why Urban Towing?

Urban Towing can always bail you out of any roadside emergency situation and we will take care of you with the following customer care…
• We can provide you with expert emergency roadside assistance 24/7. We’re here whenever you need us.
• We offer you quality service. Take the guesswork out of the vast experience we have in handling all of your emergency roadside assistance needs. We are your experts in handling any roadside emergency.
• We are prompt. We can assure you that your roadside difficulty will be managed usually within 30 minutes.
• Our prices are competitive in the towing business. You will always feel confident that you are getting the fairest price in town.
• Urban Towing has proudly served the Plano community for multiple years.


Urban Towing Roadside Assistance Services in Plano

• Emergency vehicle towing
• Towing using a flatbed truck
• Vehicle lockout solutions
• Long distance and local towing
• Jumpstarting Batteries
• Motorcycle Towing
• Gas Replenishment
• Changing Flat Tires
• All Emergency roadside assistance