Tow Dolly Towing in Plano

If you’ve never needed to have your vehicle towed, or if you’ve never had it towed by a reliable and professional company, chances are you don’t know that there are different kinds of towing services you can enlist. You don’t have to be forced into getting a certain kind of tow if you don’t want – there are options available to you. We provide multiple options here at Towing-Plano, such as both flatbed and tow dolly towing. Plano tow dolly towing is definitely an option to consider and is one of the most common types of towing. It’s the one that most people think of when they think of a tow truck. Here’s how it works.

How A Tow Dolly Works

A tow dolly works by attaching to the back end of a vehicle and carting behind it another vehicle. For example, a tow truck will have a tow dolly already hitched to the fender. There at the back of the truck, the tow dolly will be situated evenly for your vehicle to be strapped to it. Your vehicle will be brought up to the tow dolly, and then we’ll pull the front or back wheels onto the dolly. The other two wheels will remain on the ground. We’ll make sure that the vehicle is centered and properly aligned so that it is in a good spot for transportation. Then we’ll strap or chain them to it carefully and securely, latching and locking them in place so that the vehicle is securely attached to the dolly. This way, your vehicle can be transported behind a tow truck easily.

Pros and Cons

One of the chief benefits of using a tow dolly is that it’s highly affordable. Even though our rates for all our services are very affordable, we can say with certainty that choosing a tow dolly tow is going to save the most money because it’s the easiest for us to do. However, there is a risk of your vehicle seeing wear and tear from this method of towing because the wheels that are still on the ground will continue rolling forward. This can put uneven pressure on the brakes or axles. But with an experienced towing company like Towing-Plano, this is very unlikely to make any difference to your vehicle, especially not when transporting it within the Plano community. If you are looking for long distance towing, we’d recommend another form of tow and will gladly do it for you.

Choosing Towing-Plano

When you chose us, you choose a company that provides honest pricing, competitive rates, and great customer service. We come within 30 minutes of your call and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Towing-Plano is proud to be your Plano tow dolly provider and helper for all other towing needs.